February 1, 2016
Talon Ambidextrous 45/90 Safety Selector

The NEW patent pending Talon 45/90 ambidextrous safety. The Talon allows the shooter to easily switch from a 90 degree throw to a 45 degree short throw without removing the safety from the lower. The Talon also features a screw-less design so you never have to worry about levers coming loose or falling off. This is a 2 lever kit with the option of a 3rd lever. Made in the USA from 7075 aluminum, the Talon is engineered with the highest quality standards. AXTS offers the Talon in MIL-SPEC hard black anodized (type III).

Company Bio:

AXTS Weapons Systems

At AXTS we pride ourselves bringing ground breaking innovative designs to you the discerning shooter. From accessories to upgrade a rifle like the Raptor Charging Handle, to the Talon 45/90 Safety Selector, to the A-DAC and other intuitive ambidextrous controls in the MI-T556 precision carbine. This innovative drive has led to designs that have been awarded numerous patents with more to come.

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